A denture is a removable replacement for missing teeth.  They are made when all your natural teeth are missing.
There are 2 types of dentures we offer:
1) Acrylic Teeth Dentures (set of 2)$800
2) Porcelain Teeth Dentures (set of 2)$1000
(if you have teeth and are interested in dentures, add the cost of pulling out your teeth to the above
pricing, please refer to our
oral surgery page

– We accept CASH ONLY.

The immediately above picture shows a set of upper and lower dentures.

It is common for us to receive patients in their 20’s asking us to extract all their teeth and replace them with dentures.
Most of these requests are denied by us due to ethics.  Extracting teeth that can be restored, specially a full mouth
extraction procedure done on a young patient, is ethically not right.  So many patients considering dentures feel that
dentures would make their life easier, that they will have fewer problems and that they would not have to take care of their
oral health again.  This is totally false.  Dentures should be viewed as a last resort for older aged patients.  The following
are some facts concerning dentures:
-chewing is different, it takes about 2 – 6 months to learn how to eat with them, some patients never get used to them
-bone loss in the mouth can lead to dentures moving and not being stable, even with denture glue
-denture reline will be needed periodically due to changes in gum and bone tissue
-some people love dentures, others completely hate them

If you come to our office and have all your natural teeth extracted, you will need what is called immediate dentures.  These
types of dentures, also known as transitional dentures, are dentures that are placed immediately after extracting all the
patient’s teeth.  You do not have to walk around without any teeth in your mouth.  The bone and gum will slowly begin to
heal underneath the denture.  It takes between 2 – 4 months for the gum and bone to heal completely and become stable.
After your bone and gum are completely healed the denture might begin to feel a little loose.  In this case, a denture reline
would be necessary.

Step by Step Procedure for Dentures


2) Impressions, also known as molds, are taken of your mouth.  Liquid stone is placed into the molds.  When the stone
hardens, we will get an impression of the patient’s mouth.  It takes about 30 minutes for the liquid stone to harden.  From
these hardened molds, our lab technician fabricates what are called denture occlusal rims.  The denture occlusal rims will
register the exact distance between your upper and lower jaw.  This is an essential measurement in order for dentures to
look esthetically right.  All these procedures require the patient to be seen TWICE on the first visit with about one hour in
between to allow ample time for the liquid stone to dry and the fabrication of the occlusal rims.

The impression of the patient’s mouth is filled
with yellow liquid stone (yellow mold in top picture).
Once the stone hardens, an occlusal rim made of
pink wax is formed (pink structure in top picture).

The objective of the occlusal rims is to measure the
distance between the upper and lower jaw.

Assuming that you are in need of dentures, BUT STILL HAVING EXISTING TEETH IN YOUR MOUTH, the process is a little different. This treatment is known as IMMEDIATE DENTURES, meaning that the dentures go into the mouth IMMEDIATELY following the removal of all of the patient’s remaining teeth. Impressions of the patient’s mouth are made just like in the pictures immediately above with the exception that the patient still has their existing teeth in place when the impressions are made. Our dental lab technician fabricates the dentures and 24hrs later we can schedule the appointment to perform the extractions of the patient’s teeth. On this second appointment, all of the teeth are extracted from the patients mouth and the dentures go in immediately. Thus, the name immediate dentures. For all patients getting immediate dentures, you will need a denture reline around the 2-3 month period due to the fact that the dentures will begin to feel loose because of gum and bone shrinkage in the mouth which is common when there are many extractions.


3)The final step is to place the dentures inside the patient’s mouth. As stated earlier, dentures can be fabricated in two appointments and as fast as 24hrs. in between both appointments.