How much is a crown and how many appointments are required?
We have crowns starting from $250dlls.  The different types of crowns we offer are located on our “
crowns” page.
All crowns require 2 appointments with one week in between.  We also offer SAME DAY CROWNS and
EXPEDITED CROWNS at additional cost.


What type of dental services does Dr. W. Alexander Bartell & specialists offer?
Our office offers a variety of dental procedures.  The complete list is on our “
services” page.


How much is a dental implant and how many appointments are required?
A dental implant, which includes extraction of existing tooth, bone graft, titanium implant screw, implant abutment &
porcelain base/ metal crown has a price of $1500dlls.  The first appointment is to remove your existing tooth and
perform stage 1 of the implant process, the placement of the titanium implant.  A down payment of $800dlls. is
required in this first appointment.  There is a healing period of 2-3 months.  After the healing period, we can start
with stage 2, the implant abutment and crown impression.  And finally, stage 3, is to place the tooth on the
implant.  A total of 3 appointments. If you need sinus lift, this procedure has an extra cost.  For detailed information
on this procedure, visit our “
implants” page.


Do you offer shuttle service from the border to the office and back?
Yes we do.  The patient must follow the instructions on our “
free shuttle service” page.


How do I get to the border from the U.S.A.?
Our page “
traveling information” gives you information on how to get to the border from the U.S.A.