Gold Crown (77% GOLD)

$650 per crown




– Can’t wait 7 days for your crown? No problem!

We offer EXPEDITED crown service at additional cost: call, text or e-mail for pricing details.



We accept CASH ONLY.



*the gold metal used in this particular crown is named

ARGENCO HIGH PURITY 77 purchased directly by Dr. Alexander from the

ARGEN company, the largest dental metal producer in the world, so rest assured

that the materials used to fabricate your crown are of quality excellence


*ARGENCO HIGH PURITY 77 is composed primarily of the following types of


77% Au (GOLD)

1.0% Pt (PLATINUM)

13% Ag (SILVER)

8.45% Cu (COPPER)

0.2% Zn (ZINC)

0.2% In (INDIUM)

0.15% Ir (IRIDIUM)


*one-time 48 month warranty


*comes with an identalloy certificate from our dental lab indicating that ARGENCO HIGH PURITY 77 is the type of dental metal alloy used in this particular crown and a copy is provided to the patient.